Care instructions

Quality is very important to me, that's why I use materials which are resitent and long lasting. Nonetheless I recommend the following tips of care to keep your jewellery shiny and bright.

☽ Please do not pull or squeeze the pendent. The wire is tightly wrapped but it's still wire.
☽ Try not to expose your jewellery to water, perfumes or other chemicals.
☽ Remove your jewellery before going to sleep, swim or shower.
☽ Store your jewellery in a dry and clean place.
☽ Gently clean it with a soft cloth after a few times wearing.

What are the chains made of?

The gold chains are 14k gold filled, the silver chains are 925 sterling silver.

What is the wire made of?

The wire is made of copper and colour resistent.

How do I find the right crystal?

I recommend to follow your intuition. Let the crystal choose you.

Do you do custome order?

Yes. Write me an email at julimondthelabel@gmail.com.

Where are the crystals from?

I work with different suppliers word wide. Most of the raw crystals are from supplier here in Germany.

Shipping time

I usually ship in 1-3 busniess days. If you want a faster shipping option, please contact me.

 If any questions left, don't hesitate to contact me.